Hand Carved Sinker Cypress Burl Sinks

Sinker cypress burl sinks shaped and carved by hand.

The burls these are made from where the tree had a branch break off or another “injury” and the tree will heal itself over that area over decades or even centuries. This healing process produces the unusual and sometimes iridescent grain seen inside the bowls. While they look beautiful in the pictures, they must be seen in person to truly appreciate their beauty. They are mesmerizing!

The bowls are completely sealed with 10+ coats of epoxy and are fully functional.

The bowls can be paired with any counter or vanity the client chooses. They are pictured with a sinker cypress slab floating wall mount with chains.

The faucet is the choice of the client as well.

All bowls pictured are currently available. Price varies depending on the bowl and the counter/base chosen.

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